This value of capital investment is rarely coupled to a structured uplifting of skills, knowledge and operational expertise beyond the mandatory product training provided at the time of supply.

No two organisations are the same – no two technology sets are the same – however, without exception, every organisation has the same lack of correctly trained human-resource.

The nett result is often underutilised system capabilities and ad hoc evolution on operational processes. This challenge is heightened when multiple technologies are merged in a single program.

Add in the potential and powerful role of the technologies in providing evidence and the challenge moves away from systems and lands explicitly on the human knowledge base.

Ranging from extended and certified digital forensic courses through to Master’s and PHD accredited degrees, we can develop syllabus and extended training programs specific to an organisations precise needs with operational/case simulations to fine tune your staff capabilities.

What do we have in Academia

academic Training

A great many of our applications and technologies are used in mission critical and evidential operations. As a result, our customers are frequently required to either appear in court or have an expert witness available that can attest and validate data/evidence. As systems become more complex and diverse the need to develop product agnostic accreditation is becoming a mandatory requirement of our customers. Cairn is able to provide a variety of fully accredited courses that cover a range of operational scenarios and can be delivered via classroom with e-learning options.

Product training

Blending standard product training with bespoke localisation, Cairn’s approach to product training is to ensure our partners deliver precise, relevant, and digestible courses. Typically, this includes an intensive interaction with a customer to understand their environment, legislative framework and human capacity. Cairn staff have a deep commitment to maximising the use of the technologies in our portfolio.

Simulation Training

Cairn Advisory is developing a fully equipped SOC simulation environment that will support specific operational scenarios and can be used in conjunction with other academic offerings. Please register interest in this on our contact page.

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