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It’s not “all Or any” technologies

It’s about ensuring we are working with the right technologies. With an exclusive focus on Government agency work our projects involve mission-critical, public safety and intelligence applications.

We take the identification process of new suppliers and their ongoing management seriously.

Why become a Technology Partner?

Our business philosophy is to consistently create workflows that are innovative, efficient and relevant.

This means our technology partners’ matrix will, typically, have common denominators that are not always obvious to the naked eye.

As Cairn technology partners you are in an elite group. Collectively we create collaboration far beyond a single project – or single product.


The ability to extend standard ID biometrics such as digital face ID with flat fingerprints and include IRIS, Facial, Voice, Rolled Fingerprints, Palm Prints and – optionally DNA.

The more advanced criminal datasets can be stored alongside any existing National ID datasets – whether digital or wet print data - and queries both automated and/or performed in real-time from the field for a variety of operational scenarios.

Typically, criminal data is generated/enrolled whilst an individual is either incarcerated or under suspicion of an indictable offence.

Portable, transportable and smart phone enrolment options are available.

As with all Cairn technology applications, the biometric solution has a rich API that enable the datasets to also be exported for use in 3rd Party applications such as CCTV, voice recognition requirements (any audio source), electronic tag monitoring (ankle bracelet and/or smart watch).


Cairn is firmly committed to the entire rehabilitation eco-system. Our end-users have responsibilities that include the management of remanded, paroled, sentenced and people awaiting sentencing. In addition to key witness protection and exclusion zone notices.

This broad set of custodial and protective scenarios necessitates a variety of physical tagging devices – coupled to state of the art management and real-time control technology.

In selecting our electronic monitoring application Cairn considered the need to look at the legislative environment in a country and the actual infrastructure available, such as cellular service, and ensure that multiple layers of information can be easily combined to provide a holistic real-time view of events.

As a result, the Cairn electronic monitoring application stretches from traditional curfew tagging devices through to smart watch and smart phone physical devices coupled to applications that include biometric verification and locations check-in management e.g. a face and voice on a smart watch is verified via the criminal biometric database in real-time, by location and time.

All applications have audit trails and can be used in a court of law. In addition, an array of parole conditions can be managed remotely in real-time including geofencing, proximity alerts, parole condition management e.g. send an sms to handsets and two way audio communications.

As with all Cairn partners, the tag monitoring solution has a rich API that enables the datasets to also be exported/imported for use in 3rd Party applications such as criminal biometric verification, additional location data sources such a cell phone records, cell phone forensics and offender management.


Cairn has an exclusive focus on Government security applications.

Our customers – regardless of location or size – are challenged by three constant themes: large amounts of visual, audio and meta data, the need to make near real-time decisions and a consistently insufficient number of trained staff. 

Globally, there is an emphasis on AI as a processing tool. It has become a standard requirement in all our projects. 

The Cairn AI applications are tightly integrated with a best of breed ML platform making sure the solutions constantly improve the AI function.
Real-time voice processing enables speech-to-text, audio-to-translation and sentiment/word analysis with less than 4% WER.

The platform can run in the cloud and on prem and is available as an integrated solution within other Cairn applications or as a dedicated application specific device such as interview recording, court room recording or CCTV real-time facial ID.

Active Measures

Cairn Advisory works with end-users responsible for the national security of a country. Prosecuting exceptionally complex crimes committed by organisations with deep pockets and resources to avoid detection and challenge even the most technically advanced Government agency. 

Our active cyber measures portfolio is designed to give Government agencies a genuinely real and operationally independent choice within live activities. 

The solutions address all main operating systems and create an environment that allows investigators unparalleled situational awareness.

 The platform is fully integrated with AI to ensure data is processed in a highly efficient manner.

Cairn Advisory and our technology partners conform to all and every piece of applicable legislation required for the use of such technology. We are subject to rigorous accountability and conform to all requirements on a case-by-case basis.

Tactical Network

The Cairn man-in-the-middle portfolio covers a wide variety of applications that includes both active and passive network manipulation. 

The solutions include state of the art configurations that can handle complex encryption and operate on long range drones – affording exceptionally flexible operational scenarios.

As with all Cairn partners, a rich set of API’s exist and both audio and video content can be auto processed through available AI applications allowing real-time processing and decision making. Speech-to-text can be provided in near-real-time enabling operators to focus on data gathering – while analysts interact with triaged data in a highly efficient workflow.

Device Forensics

Every Cairn customer around the world relies, in some shape or form, on device (mobile, computer or drive) data forensics in order to conduct investigations.

The Cairn device forensic portfolio provides a unique array of configurations that can support environments ranging from single device at a time through to countrywide mass simultaneous extraction and sharing of data. This capability can be field transportable and supports multiple device extractions simultaneously.

 Complex workflows are available to efficiently route data to the correctly trained resource for analysis and action through an exceptionally easy to use extraction and storage process.

The application is constantly used as evidence in a court of law and – where required – workflows and audit trails can be tailored to meet local legislations around the world. 

As with all Cairn partners, a rich set of API’s exist. Both audio and video content can be auto processed through available AI applications thus allowing real-time processing and decision making. In the context of device forensics, this enables investigators to apply business rules and workflows across terabytes – even petabytes – of data in near real-time. This will ensure there is a focus on investigative work rather than long time delays to get access to relevant data.


Cairn customers all have requirements for large scale, robust and secure communication systems.

The Cairn technology platforms include Broadband, DMR and P25 Platforms with a wide variety of handsets and additional applications to meet specific operational environments. 

As with all Cairn partners, a rich set of API’s exist and both audio and video content can be auto processed through available AI applications allowing real-time processing and decision making.

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